Isabella Matheus

Counterbody Marcia Pastore

sam 23 nov 2019, 11:00

Pina Estação
Largo General Osório, 66
São Paulo-AL

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The exhibition Marcia Pastore: counterbod, display a selection of the native São Paulo artist’s production, bringing together, on the 4th floor of Pinacoteca – Edifício Pina Estação, 40 works produced over the course of almost three decades. Curated by Ana Maria Belluzzo, the set of pieces lies at the intersection between visual arts and architecture, emphasising the poetic relationships between force, material and space.

Pastore’s sculptural practice investigates the intrinsic qualities of very diverse materials (rubber, plaster, iron etc), and traverses distinct times and techniques, revisiting both sculptural traditions and manufacturing and casting techniques. For this, the artist starts, not from drawing, but from a direct clash of materials, place and experimentation, acquiring a language that refers to civil engineering processes, without losing sight of the organic articulation of the materials. In her work, the forms arise from both a sense of imminence and from traces left by the presence of a body.