Exposition d'art : Dancing or Flying - Tilda Lovi

Exposition d'art : Dancing or Flying - Tilda Lovi
©️Tilda Lovi

Dancing or Flying


Tilda Lovi

Vendredi, 11 Mai, 2018 - Jeudi, 11 Octobre, 2018

Tilda Lovi French sculptor:new personal exhibition in Moscow. Ceramics ( stoneware, faïence) and drawings (Inkdrawing and acrylics), small sizes. « In throwing clay I enter into Dancing: into a endless and beginning less meditative dance with the material and its spirit. Entering the movement of infinite time. It inspired me this colorful drawings: Endless life dances of the multitude. Both, my ceramics and drawings are tightly dancing together. Appealing to enter the Move of Life and Time ! This exhibition is going on the whole Summer in the historical Center of Moscow, in an unusual place. You will discover the artworks in a beautiful wine yard, surrounded with wines from all around the world. What better than the noblesse of wine can delight Art!

Starokoniushenny pereoulok 19
Russian Federation
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