Flowers of Ethiopia by Robin Yong 2019 Fine Art Pigment Prints on Cotton Rag

Ethiopian Flowers and other harmonies Robin Yong

Jeudi 7 mars, 2019, 18:00

Le Dame Art Gallery at the Meliá White House Hotel
Albany ST,
Regent's Park

Comment s'y rendre ?

Robin Yong is a multi-award winning Travel Photographer. He enjoys traveling to exotic destinations to befriend and photograph different cultures. He is best known for his work on the Omo Valley Tribes in Ethiopia, the Venetian Masked models in Venice, the Bokator boxers of Cambodia and the Maikos of Kyoto. He calls these works his Travel Portraits, his Art of Travel Medicine. For most of his works, he does not use flash, reflectors or artificial lighting, depending solely on natural lighting alone. The photos are often dramatic, colourful and extremely beautiful. For Robin, every photo must look like a movie poster.

Over the past few years, Robin has quickly become one of the most popular and influential photographers at the Venice Carnevale and within the past few months, Flowers of Ethiopia alone has gathered numerous awards, shortlisted status and honorable mentions in many International Photo competitions, including Alfred Fried Awards, Antu Sente Cup, Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers, International Photography Awards, Istanbul Photo Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, One Eyeland Awards. The Prix de la Photographie Paris, Sienna International Photo Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) Awards, Xposure Awards, just to name a few.

In just than 2 years, Robin’s travel photos have gathered more than 425 Awards worldwide.

“Flowers of Ethiopia” alone has gathered numerous awards, finalist status and honorable mentions

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