Heartspace Kim-Lee Kho

sam 2 nov 2019, 18:00

The Red Head Gallery
401 Richmond St W. Suite 115
Toronto ON M5V3A8

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Heartspaces are not tidy. They are bloody and muscular and visceral. They throb with the rhythm of our life. As their chambers squeeze, then fill, they experience high and low tides in the space of a single beat.

Being human is not tidy. We are born from blood and viscera and the scream that gives us breath, while our deaths set in motion a rapid decay.

From beginning to end there is so much mess, in our lives, our psyches, our hearts, and our flawed selves. And yet there is so much opportunity for beauty, love, and connection.

We are an interconnected web, hidden, like the vast underground network that makes a forest. And like a forest, if we separate into smaller, divided sections, we all do more poorly.

In this show artist Kim-Lee Kho is interested in the visceral and emotional experience of our human hearts, of the life and connections we can find inside, outside and between our heartspaces.

Heartspace is part of her ongoing exploration of the human heart: as repository for emotions, as metaphor, as physical structure; using it as a gateway to what our hearts mean to us.

The work began with Kho’s fascination for three-dimensional medical models and antique anatomical illustrations on the one hand, and on the other with a stirring of emotion, which moved her hand to draw as a way of contemplating subject matter.