Exposition d'art : I Am Here - Lois Schklar

Exposition d'art : I Am Here - Lois Schklar

I Am Here


Lois Schklar

Mercredi, 20 Octobre, 2021 - Samedi, 13 Novembre, 2021

Rattles have become a symbol for creative and personal reflection on life’s transitions. Like a rite of passage, they announce “I Am Here.” It is this affirmation that continues to intrigue, challenge and support me in my work and life.

The rattles in I Am Here (2021) are, like their predecessors, constructed of materials collected over a lifetime. Pill bottles, recycled bits and pieces from previous work, saved packaging and water worn bricks are repurposed but not disguised. The elements used to construct each rattle are documents of their history and presence in the life of the artist.

Red Head Gallery
401 Richmond Street, West
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
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