Claude Cahun, Le père, 1932, photograph. Private Collection Alberta Pane / Patrice Garnier. All rights reserved.

I Owe You - Claude Cahun / Marcel Moore Claude Cahun

Date et heure du vernissage
Jeudi 21 avril, 2022, 12:00

Galleria Alberta Pane
Calle dei Guardiani 2403H, Dorsoduro
30123 Venezia VE

Photographs and books by Surrealist artist and writer Claude Cahun (France, 1894 - 1954) are on show for the first time at the Alberta Pane gallery in Venice. This is an important project that aims to highlight the exceptional research of Claude Cahun (born Lucy Schwob) who, together with her half-sister and life partner Marcel Moore (born Suzanne Malherbe), anticipated discussions on topics of extreme relevance in contemporary society, such as gender and identity. 

I Owe You - Claude Cahun / Marcel Moore is accompanied by a publication with texts by curators and researchers Silvia Mazzucchelli, Miriam Rejas Del Pino, Paola Ugolini and gallerist Alberta Pane. Each volume contains a limited edition Fine Art print, inspired by the work of Claude Cahun/Marcel Moore, created by Marcos Lutyens. The artist, with whom the gallery has been working for several years, is also invited to conduct two participatory performances/inductions on the opening days of the exhibition: these are explorations into the meanders of the unconscious, which Marcos Lutyens transforms into an artistic experience that can reawaken memories of images, sensations and thoughts that were believed to have been forgotten.