Exposition d'art : Matthew Barney: Redoubt - Matthew Barney

Exposition d'art : Matthew Barney: Redoubt - Matthew Barney
Matthew Barney, Diana, 2018. Cast and machined brass, and cast and machined copper. © Matthew Barney, courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels

Matthew Barney: Redoubt


Matthew Barney

Vendredi, 1 Mars, 2019 - Dimanche, 16 Juin, 2019

In his first major exhibition at his alma mater, the renowned and provocative contemporary artist Matthew Barney, B.A. 1989, presents his latest work, including a new feature-length film titled Redoubt. Set in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain range, the film layers classical, cosmological, and American myths about humanity’s place in the natural world, continuing Barney’s long-standing preoccupation with landscape as both a setting and subject. Redoubt loosely adapts the myth of Diana, goddess of the hunt, and Actaeon, a hunter who trespasses on her and is punished. Like most of Barney’s previous films, Redoubt contains no dialogue; instead, the characters communicate through choreography that echoes and foreshadows their encounters with wildlife.

Yale University Art Gallery
1111 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
United States
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