"Me Myself and I" Manoj Negi

Date et heure du vernissage
Vendredi 29 août, 2014, 1:25

art primitive gallery
via cigala 20
19038 sarzana SP

Primitive Art Gallery

Is pleased to present the artist Manoj Negi with his new artworks:


Only The exhibition will be held in the Library Art Gallery The mill of the books in Sarzana in via Cigala 20

from 1 to 30 September

The series of exhibitions entitled

"Me Myself and I"

will consist of 1 shows each of which will present one artist, one framework for 1 month.

The result of a careful selection to the language, themes and background of each of the artists, who are inspired by outsider art, folk art and all 'art brut.

Pleased that the line of the Gallery is pleasing to the public.

Best Regards