One Frame Life Luciana Lamothe

Samedi 22 octobre, 2022, 15:00

Galerie Alberta Pane
47 Rue de Montmorency
75003 Paris

Comment s'y rendre ?

Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present One Frame Life, Luciana Lamothe's fourth solo exhibition at the Paris venue.


Luciana Lamothe's work is mainly sculptural. Her large-scale participative installations take both the materials they are made of, and the sensations of the people, who walk through them, to their utmost limit.


In her sculptures, the artist challenges the strength, ductility, flexibility and hardness of wood and metal. She explores their maximum potential, to prove how the breadth of a transformation process can lead to a new presentation of the material itself. She often exposes materials to transformations that result in the weakening of the structures, revealing fragility and lightness as opposed to their defining strength.


Photography, drawing, performance and video are also part of her practice. In the new exhibition One Frame Life, Luciana Lamothe highlights the connections between her sculptures, videos and photographs, by exploring the minimal and maximal potentialities of each medium. The artist is inspired by the fleetingness of time and the fragility of the materials, as well as by those constraints that affect the urbanised body.


Luciana Lamothe takes the elements she uses to their extreme limits, modifying and reversing their initial use; in her sculptures, for example, the primary function of a door handle is lost, once cuts and burns make it formally useless. In the daytime photographs on show, the shots of the artist's reflections on polluted urban waters disappear. Instead, an opaque image that subverts the idea of self-portrait arises. Finally, in her videos the use of the frame as a minimal unit of audiovisual recording reduces the movement and visibility of the image. Thus, the body becomes central, through absence, glare or opacity.


The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Dorothée Dupuis*