Exposition d'art : Paradox Observed - Catherine Wagner

Exposition d'art : Paradox Observed - Catherine Wagner
Catherine Wagner, "Pomegranate Wall," 2000. Collection of the San José Museum of Art. Photo by Phil Bond.

Paradox Observed

Catherine Wagner

Vendredi, 5 Avril, 2019 - Dimanche, 18 Août, 2019

"Catherine Wagner: Paradox Observed presents the monumental installation Pomegranate Wall (2000) along with stunning photographs of plant, animal, and cosmic matter from Wagner’s visual investigation of science. Taken behind closed doors of distinguished laboratories, her photographs capture the mystery and beauty of the scientific endeavor—the desire and struggle to empirically understand the nature of our being. With analytical clarity and larger-than-life scale, the works in the exhibition evoke the parallel pursuits of science and art to decipher the codes and structures of human existence though observation.

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110 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113
United States
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