Exposition d'art : RESET – Museum. Collection. Future. - Collection exposition

Exposition d'art : RESET – Museum. Collection. Future. - Collection exposition
Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Bar Aubette (Reconstruction), 1926–1928/1998. Collection Museum Haus Konstruktiv

RESET – Museum. Collection. Future.

Collection exposition

Mardi, 2 Mars, 2021 - Dimanche, 16 Mai, 2021

Under the title RESET, we celebrate our 35th anniversary with a spectacular collection exhibition. Selected new additions are presented, together with outstanding collection pieces that have not been shown for some time. In the Spotlight section, these chosen artworks are supplemented by four relatively young Swiss artists’ newly produced works. On the basis of their positions, we demonstrate the direction in which our collection could be extended in the future.

The drive to keep addressing the in-house collection in depth, enhancing and shedding light on its various facets, is always present in the museum’s work, but has been further intensified by the pandemic. In the title RESET, we make reference to a concept from electronics, which describes returning a system to its defined initial state. With such a process in mind, we reflect on our core tasks in this show: collection, conservation and mediation of constructivist-concrete and conceptual art. Where did our collection begin? How does it come across at the moment? Where is it heading? And how is it linked to current issues and developments?

The result is an exhibition that encompasses painting, sculpture, installation and video, while also generating new conceptual spaces by drawing astonishing connecting lines: from the most recent acquisitions and donations, to older collection pieces by artists outside the Zurich Concretists’ innermost circle.

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Museum Haus Konstruktiv
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