Curator: Alec Von Bargen
Text: Luca Bray
MUSEO MEà thank L'ASSOCIAZIONE “ASILO DEI CREATIVI DI MEANO” for their generous support

UNUNICOFILO Giulia Ronchetti

sam 14 déc 2019, 18:00

Piazza Statuto 4
25030 Meano/Corzano BS

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Meano, Italy –Museo Meà and L'Associazione Asilo Dei Creativi Meano are pleased to present ‘Giulia Ronchetti: UNUNICOFILO’ on view in the Museum’s main exhibition space from Saturday December 14, 2019, through Saturday February 8th, 2020.

Giulia Ronchetti is a young Italian artist who grew up in the countryside, always in contact with nature, where she discovered the totality and balance that explained everything that surrounds us.Ronchetti uses her skills to recreate what she see in her environment, revisiting old techniques like liquid ink pen nibs, embroidery and classical methods of representing reality like watercolor and acrylic... she also finds inspiration in Flemish painters' techniques.

The precision of recreating reality has always fascinated her, like the old herbarium illustrations,the world of dreams, the alchemical symbolism and the Egyptian horror vacui. The skin, the body and the plot of the animals are starting points to explore human behavior, old fairy tales, myths and archetypes that are carriers of an infinite cyclic time,teaching us what it was and what it can still repeat in the contemporary world. Everything is a symbol and everything, silently and hidden behind a decorative aspect, tells its story.

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