Exposition d'art : Waiting for Sophie

Exposition d'art : Waiting for Sophie
image courtesy of Margaret Roberts

Waiting for Sophie


Margaret Roberts

Mercredi, 19 Décembre, 2018 - Samedi, 29 Décembre, 2018
Vernissage :
Mercredi, 19 Décembre, 2018 - 18:00

'Waiting for Sophie' by Margaret Roberts, an exhilaratingly minimalist exhibition made with cotton string and nails, honours Sophie Taeuber-Arp's wall drawings from a century ago. Sophie Taeuber-Arp completed her drawings in colour. The wall drawings in 'Waiting for Sophie' at Factory 49 Paris wait for you to complete them with your arrival: you can be Sophie’s colour now. More on http://margaretroberts.org/WaitforSophie.html

Factory 49 Paris
10 bis rue de Chaligny
75012 Paris