Exposition d'art : Zurich Art Prize 2020 - Amalia Pica

Exposition d'art : Zurich Art Prize 2020 - Amalia Pica
Amalia Pica, Round table (and other forms), Installation view Museum Haus Konstruktiv, 2020. Photo: Stefan Altenburger. Courtesy: the artist, König Galerie and Herald St.

Zurich Art Prize 2020

Amalia Pica

Jeudi, 29 Octobre, 2020 - Dimanche, 17 Janvier, 2021

The Zurich Art Prize, awarded annually by Museum Haus Konstruktiv and Zurich Insurance Group Ltd, goes in 2020 to Amalia Pica (b. in 1978). This Argentinian artist is the thirteenth winner of the internationally renowned award.

The installations, sculptures, drawings, films, photographs and performances by Amalia Pica demonstrate a minimalist language of forms. The exchange and transfer of information in the form of language, symbols or gestures, is a theme that Pica often incorporates into her artwork. How is communication mediated and what role do political and sociocultural backgrounds play in this regard?

The works exhibited at Museum Haus Konstruktiv bear witness to this interest. One of the works on display is the installational piece Joy in Paperwork, a series of A4 paper sheets marked with stamps that are normally used by authorities for bureaucratic processes. Pica began to ‘draw’ with such stamps in order to counter the tedious bureaucracy of her naturalization process in Great Britain with something playful and fun. In hundreds of drawings, words such as PAID, RECEIVED, CANCELLED or PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL are juxtaposed, superimposed and arranged in sequences, thus forming partly figurative and partly decorative motifs.

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Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Selnaustrases 25
8001 Zürich
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AMALIA PICA – Round table (and other forms)