Dex Hannon

Abstract Expressionist

I go where the idea takes me. The idea drives the choice of medium. I paint. I make and use sounds. I take photos, I also shape sentences into interesting stories.

My work is influenced by the music I listen to as I work as well as artists Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter. My work is best described as abstract expressionism, although I also works with digital and sound, the choice of medium is influenced by the message I am trying to convey.

Predominantly using contrast, through mixing of styles, techniques and bold choices I creates a battle of foreground and background and attempt to distort and disrupt the status quo.

My current works are created ‘alla prima’ mixing the oils or acrylics directly on the canvas surface, working fast in rapid strokes, letting the freedom of the moment and sounds influence movements of the brush, interlocking raw strokes repeating to form distance and illusion of space, connections and disconnections. This style of working is intense, and always filled with danger.

One stroke too far and the painting is lost.