Exposition d'art : An Eastward Calling

Exposition d'art : An Eastward Calling
From Beijing Bus Stop 公交车站的鲜花 Niamh Cunningham

An Eastward Calling


Niamh Cunningham

Dimanche, 31 Août, 2014 - Dimanche, 14 Septembre, 2014
Vernissage :
Samedi, 30 Août, 2014 - 15:00

Art Exhibition:An Eastward Calling
Artist Niamh Cunningham opens Dong Yue Art Museum with a kaleidoscope of scenes spanning from Ireland to Beijing including roofscapes of Prague, the saltwater creek of Dubai, the rolling hills of Yunnan to the canals and bus stops of Beijing. The exhibition will also include textile works the knitted Pillar of Time and the Hair Skull.

Dong Yue Art Museum
99 Chaoyangmen Wai rd, next to Dong Yue Folk museum.
Beijing Shi