Exposition d'art : Eccentric Geometric

Exposition d'art : Eccentric Geometric

Eccentric Geometric


Rana Begum, Colin Booth, Deb Covell, Jo McGonigal, Patrick Mifsud, Shawn Stipling, Finbar Ward, Alison Wilding

Vendredi, 5 Mai, 2017 - Dimanche, 28 Mai, 2017
Vernissage :
Jeudi, 4 Mai, 2017 - 18:30

Arthouse1 presents ‘Eccentric Geometric’ a tightly curated group show, that brings together some of the UK's finest emerging, mid-career and established artists, all with collective concerns that so interestingly justify the show title. Conventional ‘geometric’ issues such as pattern, shape, repetition, line and spatial relationships are ‘Eccentrically’ understood. Whilst acknowledging overlaps with Post-Minimalism, the curators expose explorations of geometry that reveal the complexities and quirks of our lived experience. These artists deploy the principles of geometric order but don’t create something separate from our world. They don’t offer just visual sensation… there is an empathy with the materiality and physicality of a lived life. This bold, thoughtful show is curated by Deb Covell and Jo McGonigal.

45 Grange Road
United Kingdom