Exposition d'art : GRIT

Exposition d'art : GRIT
Nigel Bird. Piston Petals



Nigel Bird, Jack Ginno, David Minton and Marcia Teusink. Curated by Jane Boyer

Vendredi, 3 Juin, 2016 - Samedi, 2 Juillet, 2016
Vernissage :
Jeudi, 2 Juin, 2016 - 18:30

Neutrality isn’t inert. It’s alive with nuance

There is no denying the superficial meaning of this exhibition title – these works are gritty. But move beyond the surface and there is deeper significance: fortitude, patience, tolerance, and registers of experience, which coalesce to form a memory corpus. Within this body of memory, dualities become active as indicators of experience, then|now, significance|indifference, distinct|indistinct. Perhaps most significant within any body of memories is the neutral space those memories occupy; distanced from their time, but not of this time; outside yet bound to current experiences of the moment.

“…the Neutral is the shimmer…whose aspect, perhaps whose meaning, is subtly modified according to the angle of the subject’s gaze.” Read more on website

45 Grange Road
United Kingdom