Exposition d'art : Holder of the Voice - Jee Hwang

Exposition d'art : Holder of the Voice - Jee Hwang
Jee Hwang, Oil on Canvas, 30x44 in.

Holder of the Voice


Jee Hwang

Vendredi, 20 Mars, 2015 - Samedi, 18 Avril, 2015

In 2012, Jee Hwang focused on the abyss and emptiness of the container as inspiration in her solo show, Desiring Uncertainty. Hwang continues her exploration of desire in Holder of the Voice, directing attention on the suppression and dissemination of desire through voice.

Hwang differentiates, through oil painting, watercolor and sculpture, the tension and emotional energy of an individual’s desire. The works take the viewer on a visual and auditory journey from individual desire to exploring the power structure of desire within groups. The passage of desire from an individual to a group creates another motif for actions and habits. Different power structures form from individual to various size groups through desire. Hwang’s own inner monologue and vision of Holder of the Voice is shared and grown as more visitors actively participate through the exhibition.

Porter Contemporary
111 Front St / 55 Washington St, Suite 220, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (DUMBO)
NEW YORK, NY 11201
United States
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