Exposition d'art : Inside The Shadow - Collective exhibition

Exposition d'art : Inside The Shadow - Collective exhibition
Chris Marshall, Katherine Lubar, Asaki Kan, Stig Marlon Weston, Lyndsey Gilmour, Fiona Grady,

Inside The Shadow


Collective exhibition

Vendredi, 7 Avril, 2017 - Samedi, 29 Avril, 2017
Vernissage :
Jeudi, 6 Avril, 2017 - 18:30

Curated by Katherine Lubar and Asaki Kan,
in exhibition with Joan Alexander, Lyndsey Gilmour, Fiona Grady, Chris Marshall and Stig Marlon Weston

‘Inside’ is a concept that is only possible through form and space, so “inside the shadow” suggests a preoccupation with looking deeply at shadows, pondering the essence of their existence; an existence bound to our own. For the artists of Inside the Shadow, this isn’t a preoccupation with presence or appearance, but a penetrating search for the articulations which disrupt light and space, reconfiguring it. Much of the search made by these artists within their artworks, happens in close proximity to intimate interiors, personal landscapes and their everyday environment, even if those locations are only hinted at or given a cursory glance in the work. Time is also an important theme for many of these artists; shadow as a marker of time.

45 Grange Road
United Kingdom
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