Exposition d'art : A project space called 'I' - Jane Boyer

Exposition d'art : A project space called 'I' - Jane Boyer

A project space called 'I'


Jane Boyer

Vendredi, 4 Septembre, 2015 - Jeudi, 24 Septembre, 2015
Vernissage :
Jeudi, 3 Septembre, 2015 - 18:30

This is an exhibition of an artist curating herself – in more than one meaning of the act.

A theme of communication runs throughout this exhibition, not only as a curator communicating with an audience, but also as a self communicating with a self. Collage plays an important role in these works, not only as an art form, but also as a metaphor for the process of communication. The artworks in this exhibition tell a story. The details of the story aren’t important, what is important are the ways in which the means of telling a story are translated into visual terms: the repetitions, linkages and transitions, the relationships created through images and objects, the layering of imagery, things reclaimed and reused, things appropriated, and the gaps which provide the space for mutability.

Those gaps create a background behind the elements of a narrative. Or they can carry equal weight with narrative elements creating a lyrical form of duality – what is and isn’t there together.

45 Grange Road
United Kingdom
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