Exposition d'art : Wear and tear (?)

Exposition d'art : Wear and tear (?)
Metamatic: taf is pleased to host the exhibition “Wear and tear (?)” Curated by Vana Verroiopoulou

Wear and tear (?)


Group show with Katerina Athanasiou, Stefanos Athanatos, Andriana Daouti, Chryssa Dourgounaki, Pantelis Giannakis, Byron Kalomamas, Nikoletta Katsamperi, Maria Mavropoulou,Giorgos Nikas, Christos Papasotiriou, Panagiotis Profiti

Lundi, 14 Juillet, 2014 - Vendredi, 5 Septembre, 2014
Vernissage :
Mardi, 15 Juillet, 2014 - 20:00

Fourteen artists experiment with the ambiguity of the term "wear" and they examine either the aftermath of the fragment, the residue or the ruin as well as the metaphorical, humanistic or historical dimension of “decomposition” and “decline”. With regard to the morphology, they are given the free choice between deliberate alteration and the natural wear caused by use or the influence of external conditions.
The protean nature of the quality of wear raises as the main challenge in terms of creative conception as well as in terms of the viewer’s understanding. If it is not signified as a momentary instance but it is instead understood as an alteration-costant change, innumerable possible connotations and interpretations are conceptually revealed: questioning and denial or acceptance of reality, eschatological - linear perception or cyclical concept- reassessment and reinvention, ambiguous meditation, simple prank.

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