Gailord J. Bovrisse
Gailord J. Bovrisse

Gailord J. Bovrisse

(7 Août 1982)

Conceptual Artiste "Artiste plasticien"

Born 1982 in Soissons, France
I have learn Art as an full autodidact.
Live and Work in Hong-Kong, Tokyo, Hawaii, Belgium, Brazil, Los Angeles.
I learn and work mentally, analysed the comportement of Human and their Cultures.
France, Soissons, Pavillons des Arquebusiers - Hong-Kong, 2004, Loft Mid-Level "Boulevard" -Japan, Tokyo, Bice, Shiodome, "Rencontre"( Jean Nouvel, Dentsu Headquarters Tower) - Japan, Aichi, 2005, World Exposition, Street Art - Hawaii, Room 204 Gallery, Conceptual Art Gallery, 2007 "Flow"...
2018 new exhibition coming after a long way of walk. BLG-No1-USA-ART-2018, Beverly-Hills, CA, USA