Vanesa Muñoz
Vanesa Muñoz

Vanesa Muñoz

(4 Août 1979)

"Artiste Plasticien"

Degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de Barcelona (2009) after receiving a degree as Sculpture Technician at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and Metal Sculpture Technician at the Escuela La Palma de Madrid.

After completing her studies in philosophy she distanced herself completely from an anthropological focus, finding instead the sole source of creation in mathematical approaches and quantum physics. As she herself states: “…The more I know and read about physics, the more insignificant human beings appear to me and the more passionate I find the search for the axiom, distanced from any form of human whim.

The theories of quantum mechanics, Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, Cantor’s continuum hypothesis, and the discoveries concerning black holes are infinitely more interesting to me than any form of existential problem”. Influenced by Russian Constructivism and the tensions, both formal and chromatic, of Anish Kapoor and Richard Serra.

Totally abstract in character, her works are made in an artisan way, rejecting to a certain extent technological advances and emphasizing instead technical excellence as the sole way of projecting the forms that arise from fractions of thought, without which they could not exist.

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