Sergueï Prokoudin-Gorski
Sergueï Prokoudin-Gorski, portrait

Sergueï Prokoudine-Gorski

Photographe du Tsar

Sergueï Prokoudin-Gorski est peu connu. A tort ! Inventeur d'un procédé couleur, il est mandaté par l'Empereur de Russie pour parcourir son pays et en ramener des vues.

Rafts on the Peter the Great Canal.
Village of Dubno
Guardhouse at the thirty-second verst of the Emperor Peter the Great Canal
Tow rope bridge in the village of Lava.
Lava River towpath
Chapel and cross in the village of Sumskoe
Village of Naziia
St. Nicholas Church in Lavrovo (?)
Pinkhus Karlinskii.
Water lilies.
View of the Church of Saint George
Church of Saint John the Precursor
View of Staraia Ladoga.
Exit from the yard of the Church of Saint George
Entrance into the yard of the Church of Saint George
Old cross
View of Novaia Ladoga
Church of the Savior
Siazskie Riadki, Fishing settlement
Monument to Emperor Peter the Great
Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.
Stone-excavating machine
Epiphany church
Dinner during haying
Peasant girls.
Head study
Group. (Myself with two others, Murman)
A.P. Kalganov
Armenian women in holiday attire.
Mullah with his female students.
Kurd woman with children.
Mullahs in mosque.
Chinese foreman Lau-Dzhen-Dzhau
Georgian women
Armenian woman in national costume.
Mugan. Settler's family.
Elderly Sart man (Babaika)
Policeman in Samarkand.
Group of Jewish children with a teacher.
Kebab restaurant.
In the court of Tillia-Kari mosque.
Students in Mudaris.
Sart types.
Bukhara bureaucrat.
Kush-Beggi, Minister of the Interior.
Emir of Bukhara.
Two men standing on a rug, in front of yurt