Marie Lelouche, Ellis, 2019

1 Artiste, 1 Installation Marie Lelouche

sam 27 mai 2023, 17:00

Galerie Alberta Pane
44, 47 Rue de Montmorency
75003 Paris

Comment s'y rendre ?

On the occasion of the Paris Gallery Weekend, which will take place from May 26 to 28,

the Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present Ellis, an installation by artist Marie


For several years, Marie Lelouche worked with a collection of three-dimensional recordings of pieces of architecture and urban furniture that she manipulated while questioning their status and conditions of existence. These precarious memories of digital materiality were waiting to be interpreted and activated.

The installation Ellis is part of the series You Have a New Memory. It has been presented at the Delta Studio in Roubaix, the CAPV in Lille, the Mazzoli Gallery in Berlin, the TLN Festival in Toulon, and the Vallée in Brussels. Taken from an expression borrowed from a famous brand of telephone, the title of this series refers to the message that appears on our screen accompanied by an image stored in our device. But then, what are these new external memories, these new forces of remembrance? How do they interact with our physiological memories?

At once a fragmented reconstruction of borrowed forms and a place of memory, Marie Lelouche's sculpture communicates with us through a telephone set in a small corner of the space. Ellis, who has become the protagonist of the exhibition, invites us to think about our capacity to remember and the need to do so.