Exposition d'art : Acorns & Wildcat - Lee Ufan

Exposition d'art : Acorns & Wildcat - Lee Ufan
Photographs by Gaetane Girard

Acorns & Wildcat


Lee Ufan

Jeudi, 6 Juin, 2019 - Samedi, 28 Septembre, 2019

The complete series of Lee Ufan’s gouaches, “Acorns and Wildcat,” created in 1983 to illustrate the
great Buddhist writer Kenji Miyazawa’s eponymous text, are on view at 14, rue du Dragon. These
eleven gouaches, evolving from black to orange through blue and brown, are abstract calligraphies
that not only develop the rich Buddhist consciousness of this famous tale, but communicate and
portray its dreamlike and measureless scope.

Cahiers d'Art
14 rue du Dragon
75006 Paris
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