Robert Schatz, Small Structure 9, 2014. Jute twine, alphatic resin, kozo paper, acrylic medium and paint, 9 x 9 x 9 inches/23 x 23 x 23cm.
Robert Schatz freezes motion with his three dimensional drawings. With his Small Structure series, he has twisted a length of twine into poetry, freezing the looping material in the air. Taking his cues from Asian calligraphy, Schatz writes in space. Using the fragile materials jute twine and rice paper, Schatz manipulates his ethereal sculptures into a form of transitory solidity. Their meaning changes as the viewer moves around them, or as the light moves among them. Like Cy Twombly drawings, they have secrets to tell, that seem just out of the reach of our grasp, but hold our attention as we try to decipher them.

AFTER Vincent Como, Raymond Mingst, Robert Schatz


Curious Matter
272 Fifth Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

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"Mingst, Como and Schatz are all working with the same concept: the acceptance of the transitory, and the transformation of their medium. Each of these artists is using materials that are not considered archival: apples, office tape or jute twine, all of these materials are subject to deterioration over time which will certainly effect the work. This changing of the materials is built into these artists' work shown in After. It is the passing of time that will continue to give the work depth and richness as it deepens the ideas imbued in these pieces. Ten years from now, these works of art will not look the same, they will have a continuous after." — Arthur Bruso, curator