Heirloom Tomato

Bearing Fruit: Art at the intersection of Fruit & Vegetable Anne Alexander

ven 3 avr 2015, 17:00

97 Main St.
Belfast, ME 04849

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a Four woman show : Anne Alexander, Leah Gauthier, Jacinda Martinez, Julie H.Rose
on the theme of Fruits/Vegetables and connections to the human body. at The Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast, ME US
Says curator of Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, Anna Abaldo: “Our language is rich with idioms that refer to our agricultural heritage. Of old, we have used the imagery of seasons and growing cycles to describe the human condition. We say a young girl is ‘blossoming into a woman,’ we speak of ‘planting the seed’ for an idea, or that through our struggles, ‘ripening.’”

“It’s not long ago that humans were inextricably linked to the seasons and cycles of nature,” Abaldo continues. “In fact, I postulate that we still are, yet much of our culture is still not fully aware of that fact, or is even in denial.”

In curating this exhibition, MFT Gallery aims to shine a spotlight