Exposition d'art : biorhythm - Sonya Rapoport

Exposition d'art : biorhythm - Sonya Rapoport
Sonya Rapoport, Koch II, 1972–74. Spray acrylic and graphite on canvas; 72 × 96 inches. Estate of Sonya Rapoport.


Sonya Rapoport

Vendredi, 7 Février, 2020 - Dimanche, 5 Juillet, 2020
Vernissage :
Vendredi, 7 Février, 2020 - 17:00

A pioneer in the development of new media art practices, Sonya Rapoport created information-dense paintings, drawings, interactive performances, and computer-based art. Informed by chemistry, botany, religion, psychology, politics, and technology, her experimental work spans painterly abstraction to net art and maps networks of correlations. Rapoport’s deep interest in systems and codes led her to work with symbolic language, data collection, and computers and to collaborate with scientists and researchers. Sonya Rapoport: biorhythm focuses on a decade of rapid transformation in the artist’s practice—from her first SJMA exhibition in 1974 to her computer-mediated interactive performances—and examines her prescient exploration of computer-collected and -analyzed personal data and its aesthetic and cultural implications.

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San Jose Museum of Art
110 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113
United States
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