Clyde Reflections by Hurrel and Brennan, installed in Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Glasgow, Scotland, UK (Photo: Alan Dimmick)

Clyde Reflections (audio-visual installation) Stephen Hurrel (artist) Ruth Brennan (social ecologist)


Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AH

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Clyde Reflections is currently installed in the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Glasgow, Scotland. It's an audio-visual installation featuring a 33min film that offers a meditative, cinematic experience of the Firth of Clyde marine environment, by collaborative art-science duo of artist Stephen Hurrel and social ecologist Ruth Brennan. The film features seascapes, underwater and microscopic footage, combined with voice recordings of people who have a close relationship with, or specialist understanding of, this body of sea. These include a retired fisherman, a marine biologist, a diver, a marine conservationist, a spiritual leader and a physical oceanographer.
'On the surface, from a distance, the Firth of Clyde looks fairly pristine, but it is only when you begin to understand the complexity of the environment, and begin to see the precarious balancing act that is going on - often beneath sea level - that your perception of it changes.’ &