Color into Space Mokha Laget


Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
3109 Carlisle Street
Dallas, TX TX 75204-1194

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The Museum of Geometric and Madi art is proud to present the recent shaped canvases of Mokha Laget. The galleries will feature her unique clay pigment paintings and a series of lithographs the artist created in collaboration with Landfall Press in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This selection brings together over 25 diverse works offering visitors a rare opportunity to view the evolution of Laget’s work over the last 4 years.
Laget’s geometric abstractions evoke vast landscapes, urban environments and ambiguous interiors, the categorization of which lies beyond conventional interpretation. They engage the viewer to actively explore relations between the shaped canvas, its embedded planes and surrounding architecture. At once sensual in surface color and intellectually playful, her paintings invite the viewer to accept paradox and impossibility as an aesthetic premise.