Dark Mirror, Art from Latinamerica since 1968 Group Show


Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Hollenplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg

Comment s'y rendre ?

In its exhibition, Dark Mirror: Art from Latinamerica since 1968, the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg provides compelling and multi-faceted look at contemporary art in Central and South America. Topics such as the literal and metaphorical boundaries of freedom, gender identity, social criticism and political power as well as reflections on nature vs. urban existence will be examined via more than 150 works.
The works by such artists as Álvaro Barrios; Eduardo Berliner; Luis Camnitzer; Mario Cravo Neto; Antonio Dias; Paz Errázuriz; León Ferrari; Guillermo Kuitca; Liliana Porter; Miguel Ángel Rojas; Melanie Smith and Horacio Zabala provide a striking picture of Latin American art’s creative diversity and energy.