Demolizione Luca Bray

Samedi 11 mars, 2017, 17:00

Ex-Filanda Meroni
Largo Cattaneo
26029 Soncino CR

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There is a place of pure creation which lies between the realms of demolition and reconstruction; an instant of reflection leading to revelation. It is treacherous terrain. From this place of vulnerability the artist should create. The destruction of the established in order to make room for the new has been a source of artistic inspiration for centuries. Luca Bray, in his most recent series 'Demolizione' not only draws from this premise, but also generously takes us by the hand and immerses us into his revelatory state. He bravely acknowledges ongoing demolition (both conceptually and literally) without ever losing sight of the reconstruction on the horizon. At times his discourse is clearly a social one, at other times one feels hints of political unrest, but it is when Bray is completely personal and the destruction comes from within that he is at his most vulnerable, and consequentially at his finest.

- Alec Von Bargen - Visual Artist / Visual Advisor Venice Biennale College