Exposition d'art : Doug Aitken: Electric Earth - Doug Aitken

Exposition d'art : Doug Aitken: Electric Earth - Doug Aitken
Doug Aitken, Migration (empire) (still), 2008, video installation with three channels of video (color, sound), three projections, three steel and PVC screen billboard sculptures, 24:28 minutes/loop installation dimensions variable.

Doug Aitken: Electric Earth


Doug Aitken

Dimanche, 28 Mai, 2017 - Dimanche, 20 Août, 2017

Doug Aitken: Electric Earth is the first survey to comprehensively examine Aitken’s experimentations across mediums and disciplines, and it is organized as a full collaboration and dialogue with the artist and his studio. From his early multichannel video installation diamond sea, 1997, to his more recent performance-based works, such as SONG I, 2012/2015, the exhibition unfolds around the major moving-image installations that articulate Aitken’s central subject matters, from catastrophic environmental depredation to unprecedented technological mediation; self-contained, decentralized communication; and the incursion of commerce into every aspect of our social relationships. The uniqueness of Aitken’s body of work reveals itself in its mesmerizing treatment of such concerns.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
1309 Montgomery Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
United States
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