Entropie. Art exhibition Paola Adornato

dim 27 Juil 2014, 18:30

Spazio Polifunzionale De Marchi
Via Roma
23829 Varenna LC

Comment s'y rendre ?

With the word entropy we usually refer about the measuring system of the chaos and also of the universe. This term stolen by thermodynamics and science in general provides a general view on how complex systems can evolve. In particular, when a system goes from a disordered to an ordered state its entropy increases. This physical phenomenon, quite mysterious and obscure for most people, is a good metaphor to describe contemporary art, but also our society and our times.
Contemporary art travel without constraints to unpredictable directions, overcoming distant borders . Nowadays the art, unlike it was in the past, is very fragmented in an extreme eclecticism, and in individualism, it’s like a drop of water that expand its surface in a continuous and inexorable way just like an expanding universe.