Invitation Title:Exit (detail), Marble and cloth © Sophia Demetriou

The Excavation of the Unconscious Sophia Demetriou

dim 12 oct 2014, 16:00

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The Greenway
Marshgate Lane,
E15 2PJ

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Sculptures and Drawings
Sophia Demetriou’s work expresses the agonized and emotional states of psyche through the transformations of the human body. Demetriou is working with materials as plaster, marble, wood, iron and recently cloth. She is interested in how techniques like carving can be applied on materials like metals and combines techniques like carving and casting together.
The exhibition ‘The Excavation of the Unconscious’ is the metaphor of the carving process. The movement of the hand while it carves lines to reduce material is a process which allows you to dim and confront the hidden side of yourself and get to the truth of oneself. This, metaphorically, is a similar process of ‘excavating’ of what it is intimate in our psyche, opening the insights and dimmed into darkness which then comes to light (or the whiteness of a marble).