Exposition d'art : FORWARD - Bart Koldewee

Exposition d'art : FORWARD - Bart Koldewee
image courtesy of Bart Koldewee



Bart Koldewee

Mercredi, 6 Février, 2019 - Samedi, 23 Février, 2019
Vernissage :
Mercredi, 6 Février, 2019 - 18:00

Bart Koldewee presents 'Forward,' a new series of small paintings based on a variety of geometric compositions at Factory 49 Paris. These works explore an abstract visual vocabulary focused on formalism and composition, reminiscent of graphic design and architecture. The small paintings, with their sharp details, in combination with a large scale wallpainting, create an exciting dynamic in the gallery.

Factory 49 Paris
10 bis rue de Chaligny
75012 Paris
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