Manuela Marques
Sans titre, 2015
courtesy of galerie anne barrault

Fruits, oiseaux, pierres et cage Manuela Marques

sam 5 Sep 2015, 17:00

galerie anne barrault
51 rue des Archives
75003 PARIS

Comment s'y rendre ?

Gallery Anne Barrault exhibits photographs by Manuella Marques, who has selected a set of recent works for this solo show.

There is not a theme or a subject, which could define her approach. On the contrary, each image is endowed with its own singularity, and the meaning of this exhibition lies in their being connected. The dialogue which takes place between the photographs let the question of the double status of the object appear: “ The object which is seen has an ambiguous status: it is the object that I see, because it is present to me, but at the same time, it is something else; it is this unfamiliar reality that cannot be completely apprehended by perception.”1.

Looking at Manuela Marques’ pictures, we feel this special ambivalence, which does not seem to come from what they have in common, but on the contrary, from what makes them different.