Get Noticed Exhibition

Get Noticed Group Exhibition

Jeudi 29 novembre, 2018, 18:00

The Red Head Gallery
401 Richmond St W. Suite 115
Toronto ON M5V3A8

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The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present Get Noticed, our biennial exhibition of visual artists selected by Toronto gallerists noted for actively raising the bar for Canada’s commercial art world. Artists have been selected by Jamie Angell of Angell Gallery and Niki Dracos of General Hardware Contemporary. The exhibition will be on view at the Red Head Gallery from November 28 to December 15, 2018.

Participating Artists:

Ibrahim Abusitta – Toronto

Rebekah Andrade – Toronto

Julia Balfour – Etobicoke

D’Andrea Bowie – Toronto

Stefan Berg – Toronto

Colin Canary – Montreal

Candace Davies – Toronto

Maureen Doody – Ottawa

Alysa-Beth Engel - Toronto

Hani Habashi – Toronto

Kristine Mifsud – Toronto

James Olley – Guelph

Scott Sawtell – Newmarket

Kyle Scheurmann – Vancouver

Michael Simon – Toronto

Mark Liam Smith – Toronto

David Theron – Toronto

On November 29th 2018, the Magic Gumball Machine of Fate will make its debut at the reception of Get Noticed. The Magic Gumball Machine of Fate is an artist multiples project that distributes work by Canadian creators and makes art affordable for everyone. It is curated by Toronto artist Catherine Heard.

Each work is unique and collectible, having been purpose-made as a project that reflects each artist’s practice and the spirit of their work.

All proceeds will go towards the Red Head Gallery, a non-profit, artist-run collective and gallery, so that we may continue to bring you art in this space.