©Guillaume Bottazzi – Fine plaster on fabric – 240 x 190 cm

Guillaume Bottazzi - Recent paintings - Gallery Itsutsuji - Tokyo Guillaume Bottazzi


Gallery Itsutsuji
1 Chome-22-30 Sendagi Bunkyō-ku
Tokyo, 13

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“Guillaume Bottazzi – Recent paintings” is the artist’s fourth one-person exhibition at the Gallery Itsutsuji. Guillaume Bottazzi works a great deal in the Land of the Rising Sun. His recent works are imbued with his affinity with Japan, which has nourished his art for more than a decade. His works are composed of intangible elements and ethereal forms. The work’s structure itself becomes the painting. The diffuse lights are in contradiction with each other, suggesting spatial organization and giving his works a feeling of strangeness.

Twelve recent works will be exhibited, including paintings 2.40 metres by 1.90 metres, from fine plaster and glue on fabric, or oil on raw linen canvas.

More reading: http://www.guillaume.bottazzi.org/en/exhibitions/itsutsuji-gallery.html