Exposition d'art : Hilarie Mais - Hilarie Mais

Exposition d'art : Hilarie Mais - Hilarie Mais
Hilarie Mais, Reflection Blue Angel (detail), 2007-11, oil on wood, 183 x 183 x 4 cm, image courtesy and © the artist, photo: Jessica Maurer

Hilarie Mais


Hilarie Mais

Samedi, 9 Juin, 2018 - Dimanche, 29 Juillet, 2018

Hilarie Mais is best known for her painted constructions that merge the formal structure of the grid with an interest in natural forms. Beginning with a geometric pattern, the work develops organically and instinctually, drawing on the artists observations of the living world. Mais’s hand-painting of these structures imbues the work with an intimate aura. They shimmer. The viewer’s gaze shifts back and forth through cycles of line and colour, object and shadow. Featuring 20 major works, this exhibition is a close collaboration between the artist and the MCA exhibition curators Blair French and Manya Sellers and traces the last decade of Mais’s practice. The exhibition traces the last decade of Mais’s practice since her last survey at the Drill Hall Gallery at The Australian National University in Canberra in 2004.

Drill Hall Gallery
Kingsley Street
Acton ACT 2601
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