Home Sweet Home Evi Savvaidi

mer 20 juin 2018, 11:00

Rhodes Sotheby's International Realty
Iraklidon Avenue, Baltzi Shops (20 Shops), Ixia, Rhodes 851 01
85101 Rhodes

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Air pollution, the melting of the ice caps, waste, the depletion of natural resources, the nuclear threat, wars are only some of the ways in which man's lack of respect towards his own home, planet Earth, becomes evident.

Through my work, I aim to raise people's awareness towards the issues that threaten life on the planet; the planet we wound is our own home. When home sweet home is an empty shell, it means it is uninhabited and lifeless.

As a Greek artist living and working in Greece, I express myself with elements deriving from the place I love. It is a fact that my work is influenced by my place of birth. Greece constitutes a source of inspiration. Here someone learns to appreciate light. I feel blessed because I was born on an island. I have always adored the sea and this sense of freedom it offers you. Through my work, I aspire to give my own answer to a series of crucial issues in an ever-changing world. The purpose of artwork is the interpretation and awakening concerning the social and moral inner crisis, something achieved through the extent of the power of interpretation between artwork and society. I think that creations know no borders and I like them to touch the international public with immediacy.