Hormoon/ Hormone Carsten Höller


Galerie Micheline Szwajcer
Rue de la Régence
Regentschapsstraat 67
1000 Brussels

Comment s'y rendre ?

Hormones are signalling molecules that regulate a number of functions within the organism - they are internal modifiers, invisible forces that decide upon what happens next. They shape from within, just like thoughts, ideas and dreams. Just like artworks.
Baldo Hauser, 2014

Hormoon/Hormone is an exhibition dealing with the principle of division as a method for breaking down an existing unit into fragments and fragments of fragments. This breakdown entails a change of form, not just in quantity but rather in its essence. Division is a fundamental principle of life. Cells divide in growing organisms, while the quality of division is regulated by hormones. Even more decisive, perhaps, are the divisions that occur between chromosomes at the origin of sexual reproduction: after the male and the female have united, chromosomes are recombined, and divided, to reduce the double amount to a life-enabling singular set.