Imprese Exposition collective: Marie Denis, Michele Spanghero

Date et heure du vernissage
Samedi 26 septembre, 2020, 19:00

Alberta Pane Gallery
Calle dei Guardiani 2403H
30100 Venezia VE

Imprese (‘Enterprises’) is an exhibition featuring two voices, those of the visual artists Marie Denis and Michele Spanghero.

The exhibition is the meeting point between Giovanardi and Lunardelli, who have contributed and are continuing to contribute to Art through the productive muscle of making and realizing the Work, intended as a truly powerful and independent enterprise of genius and talent.

Marie Denis' work focuses mainly on the object and how it can be reinvented. Her installations and sculptures are inspired by botany, which the artist reinterprets through different media, creating artworks in which universal and everyday life elements harmoniously coexist.

Michele Spanghero's works combine sound and visual arts with an in-depth conceptual research and are defined by a transversal approach and an essential aesthetic. The creative impulse arises for the artist as a reaction to the enormous amount of data that surrounds us. He tries to stimulate the engagement of the audience by subtly altering their perception.