Image: Julia Weist with Nestor Siré, Still from Holguin (BABALAWO), 2016. Digital video, 00:49 minutes, sound. Included in ARCA, 2016–2017. Mixed media installation. Courtesy the artists

Julia Weist: 17.(SEPT) [By WeistSiréPC]™ Julia Weist and Nestor Siré


Queens Museum
New York City Building
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens, NY 11368

Comment s'y rendre ?

For the project 17.(SEPT) [By Weist_Siré Records]™ American artist and Queens Museum Jerome Fellow Julia Weist collaborates with Cuban artist Nestor Siré to explore informal networks in Cuba and the country’s underground, offline version of the web: El Paquete Semanal. The Paquete is a collection of one terabyte of information—movies, TV shows, mp3s, and music videos, as well as PDFs of magazines, recorded sports events, games, and other forms of media, distributed weekly door-to-door throughout Cuba. Weist, whose work was born from an interest in how the internet distributes knowledge and shapes it, presents the results of hers and Siré’s search of the Paquete and its distribution routes - from the offices where it is secretly made in Havana to the far ends of the country.