Kavachnina Contemporary: ART-BROKEN

Date et heure du vernissage
Mercredi 8 octobre, 2014, 8:00

Kavachnina Contemporary
46 NW 36 St
Miami, FL 33127


a diverse group exhibition that combines visual works and poetry to explore the aesthetic meaning of brokenness, not just of physical forms, but of the creative spirit.

Whether it be the cringe induced by a vase falling from a pedestal, the deliberate fragmentation of a form, or the complete loss of one’s mind—the fragility of the art object often clashes with the dynamics of the creative process. An artist can revel in their capacity to bend and shape the physical world, only to preserve the art, and even themselves, as a finished, finite entity.

How does the closeness to an irreversible “death” create value? Whereas the nature of things is to fall apart, some avoid this doom by adopting brokenness, dysfunction , and struggle as alternative permanence. The true statement of an artist could possibly be found in this poetic longing to endure.