Law & Disorder Genieve Vasconcelos


The Old Truman Brewery
The Loading Bay Gallery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

Comment s'y rendre ?

The Law & Disorder is a dresses explore disorder and the order created by knots. The composition of the dress is 100 meters of Jersey, taking in excess 100 hours to conceptualise and make. The dress is ethical & sustainable design; it is handmade with no hand or machine stitching, no waste materials and 100 percent recyclable.

The short fashion film tells a story. The story relates to a lady called Mbele; she is famous, internationally known for making macramé for people that find her. To find her, one must seek her with their heart and if you find her you must give her 3 gifts, the gifts will inspire the macramé creation process. People travel from all over the world to find her, with their gifts; they do this because Mebele's macramé reveals hidden truths, to the person that wears it.