Exposition d'art : Ocean Memories - Mathieu Lehanneur

Exposition d'art : Ocean Memories - Mathieu Lehanneur

Ocean Memories


Mathieu Lehanneur

Mardi, 19 Septembre, 2017 - Samedi, 21 Octobre, 2017

In the continuity of his Liquid Marble series, Mathieu Lehanneur brings us a surrealistic and materialized vision of an ocean frozen in its movement. As a three-dimensional still picture, Ocean Memories works to capture the complex movements of waves and currents.

Designed digitally and made from blocks of black marble or polished brass, these pieces make it impossible to mistake the relief of the water. The environment is reflected and the light is distorted. As impossible impressions, real parts of oceans seem to have been extracted, intact, before being fixed in matter.

New York, NY NY 10022
United States
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