life That Is Forgotten

painting Aziz Anzabi

Date et heure du vernissage
Mercredi 25 juin, 2014, 13:28

89a Woodstock Ave
NW11 9RH

life That Is Forgotten

In this painting I tried to show the Cause of migration of people or Self-imposed exile . The four people that have a disappeared face are the most Major world powers of the nation and the king is a sign of a Puppet government which for them the peoples life doesn't matter and they don't evaluate peoples life. They are all watching people fighting and they are like the watchers of a football match and don't care for their lives and what is happening in their lives. And the woman which is going with a suitcase and colourful balloons is a sign of her sweet wishes and with the thoughts and hopes she has she is leaving her country. I used a shadow the opposite way of her to show that even though she is leaving her roots and family are in her country for always